About The Backpack Challenge

The Backpack Challenge is an annual community effort to provide youth in Philadelphia’s Foster Care System with the supplies they need for school. From College bound young adults to elementary, middle and high school students, supplies for all levels of education are needed.

The campaign is organized by the Achieving Independence Center, a collaborative project sponsored by the Philadelphia Department of Human Services and managed by Valley Youth House Greater Philadelphia. This not for profit organization is dedicated to providing support and real life tools for students who want to make an investment in their future.

Here is how you can help….

As you’re Back-To-School shopping for your children, remember there is a child in Philadelphia's Foster Care System who could use your help. Please buy an extra backpack, stuff it with school supplies and donate it to the BackPack Challenge. Or simply click on the link below to donate.




Donate Here

  If you are unable to make it to a drop off location but would like to support the Backpack Challenge you can make an online donation HERE!

Click here to receive a copy of Valley Youth House Great Philadelphia’s 501(c)3 Information



Needed Supplies

• Backpacks
• Flash Drives
• Scientific Calculators
• Calculators
• Day Planner
• Post It Notes
• Pens, pencils and erasers
•Combination Locks
•Hand Sanitizer
•Index Cards
• 3-ring binders
• Spiral Notebooks
• Rulers
• Water Bottles
•Pocket-sized Tissue Packs
•SAT Prep Books


Drop-Off Locations




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